About us


America’s Green Line (AGL) Lighting Solutions is a Detroit-based LED products firm with extensive expertise in energy reduction solutions. AGL products are engineered with unique Heat Spreader™ technology that provides substantially cooler running temperatures than any LED manufacturer in the market. This translates to longer product lifespan, higher lumen output and extremely slow LED degradation in a very robust fixture. Whereas the industry standard for LED is 50,000 to 60,000 hours, AGL lights last more than 100,000 hours. Our line of LED lights has no moving parts to fail, save an average of 75% energy over traditional lighting solutions, and provide long term light at an extremely affordable rate. All this translates into a fixture that stays brighter longer, is maintenance free, and guaranteed for 10 years - all while substantially reducing energy consumption. We are a trade ally partner of DTE Energy and will assure that you receive all of the available energy rebates from both DTE and federally.

We oversee every aspect of the process from the raw material stage, assembly, installation, through the end of the warranty. We back our products with a knowledgeable and experienced support team including: Team of engineers and lighting efficiency analysts and designers to make sure we provide clients with the exact fixture to suit their needs; team of energy consultants to research and assure that clients receive all rebates and tax incentives available; and 24-hour customer service. We have master electricians always on-call and offer financing options for installations of all sizes. America’s Green Line supports public interest energy research and development that will help improve the quality of life in the USA by bringing safe, affordable, and long-term energy solutions to the marketplace.